Remote Transceiver Project

Your Computer



over the internet with remote desktop to station  

To W4CCQ Ham Shack
Here's how it works.

At your computer you must download a remote desktop application.  I use a free program named "TEAMVIEWER".  Using TeamViewer you logon to my station PC and open a program to operate the Port Relay to power the Transceiver and accessories. While you are logged into the remote station PC call johnw4ccq on SKYPE.  You will see the SKIPE phone ring on your remote desktop, answer yourself (seems a bit strange doesn't it). Now click start on the the remote and select Pegasus control software N4PY.  You now have complete control of the transceiver.  Audio will be on whatever you have selected in your Skype software.

The needed software is free:



In order to logon with the remote desktop you will need a station ID and password

The station ID is 225 633 691 please email me for the password

My Skype name is johnw4ccq  when you email me for the password I will add you to the Skype list.





When you log onto remote desktop you will see the desktop of the PC in my shack.  Your mouse will control the screen.  Now bring up your Skype program and select johnw4ccq from your contacts and call out on Skype. Activate the desktop remote window and you will see the call coming in to the remote Ham shack computer. Click on the answer call and answer yourself, bet you haven't done this before. Once the audio path is connected minimize this window and find the power icon on the desktop.  Double chick and open the power relay board software.  Click on activate to turn on the board.  Click relay one set and then click write.  The green led will light and power will be turned on to the transceiver.  Now double click the Pegasus control software ( the Pegasus horse) and you will see a picture of the face of the Jupiter Transceiver.  It is fully functional with the use of your mouse.  The beam is not operational remotely at this time nor is the Amp but these features may be added in the future.  Do not change bands the antenna is tuned to 20 meter operation only at this time but this limitation is in the works.

Please advise me of your experience.  This application is a beta test  and I need input to fix and make it better.  I can not test the remote from here so I need your input.